FM19 Mobile 3 at the Back Tactic

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Build up from your defence in Football Manager 2019 Mobile with the latest football trend – 3 at the back. This tactic will be tough for your opposition to breakdown to turn even a mid-table team like West Ham into league winners.


Player Roles

This tactic is obviously based around a solid defensive structure with a back 3 and 2 wing backs that provide both offensive and defensive cover. The midfield and attack are therefore able to focus on chance creation and goalscoring, with the front 3 creating a dangerous trio of attacking threats.


To see which attributes these player roles need to work please check out our guide.


Team Instructions

As the team looks to build up from the back the focus of the tactic is controlling the ball and being compact to always provide passing options, but also to be hard to break down. The aim of this tactic is to not concede so the compact team shape will give the opposition little space to create a chance.


Defensive Instructions

For the defence the instructions are pretty clear, push up to try and limit the space on the pitch so that the narrow shape can create a box which limits the threat of the opposition. If this doesn’t work then the team drops back to create a wall in front of the goalkeeper to give a second wave of defence that the opposition has to break down. This all means your team are not likely to concede many goals with this tactic.


Attacking Instructions

Once the ball is in the defence they use a mixture of short and long balls to get the Inside Forwards onto the ball to run at the defence to give space for the Wing Backs to push up. This then causes an overload on the opposition while not risking the solidarity of the team.



As you can see with 2 games in hand the league was secured by the West Ham United team that was used for this tactic. With only 20 goals conceded this created a league-leading goal difference and meant that the team picked up posts in all but 2 games that were played. It proves that this tactic creates consistency through great defensive work.



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