Lower League Super Tactic for FMM2018

As a fan of York City I love managing teams in the lower divisions. For Football Manager Mobile 2018 I’ve found a go-to tactic to take these underdogs through to Champions League winners with ease.




How to make this tactic work


You just need a solid goalkeeper with good goalkeeping attributes like Handling and Reflexes.



Your wing backs need to be high in Stamina as well as have good Tackling to provide your team with width and defensive support.

The centre back pair utilises their Decisions, Tackling, Aerial Ability and Strength to provide a solid partnership that concedes very few.



Your central midfielders need to be all-rounders with a focus on their Tackling, Passing and Positioning.


Attacking Midfielders:

The two Inside Forwards will be a key source of goals. Therefore Shooting is a key part of their game as they look to make your team be lethal.

Your Advanced Playmaker is the hub of your team. He makes the front 3 tick with his Passing, Creativity and Teamwork finding his teammates time and time again.



Up front is a Poacher who just scores and scores then scores some more! Therefore Shooting and Movement is what he needs to do his job.




These are a collection of my results, though I should note I’ve gone unbeaten with Edinburgh from the lower divisions of Scotland right up until Champions League winners. I also tested this with the Chelsea and Barcelona and went unbeaten too! If you don’t fancy lower league management then this tactic should work for top teams but it really shows its strengths with the smaller teams.



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what’s match engine?


Hi I was just wondering which match engine this is for.


I’m managing Edinburgh City as well and the first few seasons were difficult but I still managed to do well because I had the right players playing in key area of the tactics I was playing then


Would love to see how you got the players at Edinburgh City season 1 to make this work . I tried and was sacked with 7 League games to go as 2nd bottom. No budget what’s so ever to bring in players